What Does He Do?

He is someone who works hard to achieve

He is someone who works hard to be successful in his personal sports life and professional life.

  • Motocross

    He has been racing since 2014 and has been 3 times Turkish Motocross champion, represents his country in World and European Motocross Championships.

  • Software Architect

    He works as a product architect in the industry's leading company with 15 years of financial software experience.

His Sponsors

Main Sponsor

Softtech A.S.

Softtech is Turkey's largest software technology company.

SET Software

Set Software is a software company that provides financial solutions.
Technical Sponsor

SS100 MotoSport

It is one and best of the few motorcycle racing teams in Turkey. Owner: Sakir Senkalayci

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His Latest News

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2022 Europan Championship

April 22,2022

He will compete in the European Motocross Championship as well as the Turkish Motocoss Championship in 2022.

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SS100 Motosport

December 25,2022

He chose SS100 Motorsport as a racing team in 2022.

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